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Fairness First Promise

Every ITG solution meets our fairness first promise.

We always deliver value along with your security and business goals.

Smart City Security Solutions

We specialise in flexible IP Camera Solutions.

We are the industry experts at integrating the old to the new.

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We make sure we understand the jobs you need to get done.

Only then will we recommend a solution to meet your needs.

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Many of our clients are trusted by us all, every day.

Our clients put their trust, safety and reputations in our hands, we take this responsibility very seriously.

You are our no.1

We like to take a hands-on approach to supporting you.

We are dedicated to making your world (and the people you care about) more secure.

ITG Innovations Lab

We are already designing the solutions that will make your tomorrow a safer place.

We are serious about understanding your goals...

Make Your World More Secure

...We focus on the markets that we truly understand.

Local Government

ITG Local Government Solutions are designed with absolute fairness and value in mind.

We are committed to supporting Local Government clients by delivering solutions that identify cost savings and establish new revenue streams.

Emergency Services

Our relationship with the Emergency Services has been the driving force behind the majority of our most ambitious innovations.

ITG system linking, mobile solutions and rapid response tactical data links have all been used by the Emergency Services to help protect the public.

Retail & Commercial

Open space safety, protection of property and smart process management deliver high value.

Our innovative and proactive approach to delivering a return on investment for our clients shape our commercial and retail solutions.


ITG focus on safeguarding Students, Staff and Visitors, improving efficiency (more education spend from every £ funding) and supporting the continuous professional development of staff (CPD).

Our approach in the Education sector is focussed on helping to provide a congenial environment to help students flourish.

ITG Secure solutions

Make Your World More Secure

Designed by industry experts, understanding your needs by looking at the world from your perspective.

  • Control Room Design

    VMS & recording platforms

  • System Link Specialists

  • Maintenance & Support

    Specialist training

  • Re-deployable cctv

  • System Design

    Project Management & Installation

  • Secure Tactical Data Links

The ITG story so far...

Make Your World More Secure

...We are already trusted by the people you trust.

Clients 2006 - 2018

Meadowhall Shopping Centre

Doncaster Council

Doncaster Council

United Learning Academies

Emergency Services
United Learning Academies

Emergency Services

Sheffield United FC

Sheffield United
Doncaster Racing Events

Doncaster Racing & Events


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